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Custom SOLID WOOD High School, College and University Diploma Frames


FRAMES SHIP IN 10-14 DAYS offers a wide variety of SOLID WOOD diploma frame products and designs for over 4,000 colleges, and endless options for high schools. Our easy to use college and high school diploma frame website is designed to allow customers full control over their own high quality diploma frames at an affordable price. provides either our custom frame builder, or pre-designed diploma frame options for the best selection and options for any collegiate or high school diploma. Whether you are recently receiving your degree, a graduate from years ago, or simply a proud parent, family member or friend, is your best source for that one-of-a-kind custom diploma frame.

Custom Diploma Frame Builder Testimonial

"After searching bookstores and Internet sites, I finally came up on your website where I found the perfect diploma frame at a great price. I didn't think building a frame online would be this easy. Thanks for the perfect gift for such an important occasion."
– Annika Gordon, Pasadena, CA

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