USA Diploma Frames was established by two graduate students from the University of Tulsa. Unable to find an affordable, quality option for framing their newly acquired diplomas, they decided to custom build their own diploma frames in a friend’s garage. Over time, they became expert craftsmen at providing high-quality, hand-crafted frames.

Before they knew it, other graduates were asking them to build custom frames for their diplomas and awards. We continue to operate our business with the same personal care and customer service that we began with back in the garage that started it all.

Today, we are proud to say that we have built our custom framing business from a few graduate students to more than 4,000 colleges, universities and high schools throughout the United States.

For more information call: 214-763-3361

After searching bookstores and Internet sites, I finally came up on your website where I found the perfect diploma frame at a great price. I didn’tthink building a frame online would be this easy. Thanks for the perfect gift for such an important occasion.”